Glass platform lifts

We have a wide range of glass platform lifts to choose from

Mylyft has an array of glass platform lifts to choose from, they’re available in a range of colours and materials – offering suitability for your specific needs. They’re available in black, white, red or blue and are polished to provide a luxurious finish!

If you’re looking for something unique and modern, you may prefer our glass platform lifts. These are designed to offer a beautiful blend with your office’s design.

At Mylyft, we understand your needs for safety and security, hence why we have developed a range of toughened safety glass platform lifts. However, if you’d say you’re a person who has an eye for detail; you may prefer our laminated glass which offers a state of the art quality.

Are you looking for a glass platform lift for a harsh environment?

We design all our platform lifts to be robust hence why at Mylyft, we use high-impact glass to provide resistance against forces – ensuring that your lift still functions effectively yet remains undamaged. You can choose between square or curved edges – both providing a smooth finish.

When it comes to finding a glass platform lift that fits perfectly, look no further! Mylyft offers convenience for your individual requirements, we are the specialists when it comes to supplying and fitting glass platform lifts.

Glass Platform Lifts

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