Wheelchair lifts

We offer a full range of Wheelchair lifts

Are you looking for a wheelchair platform lift? Look no further. At Mylyft we have a full range of lifts which offer suitability for your specific needs and requirements. We don’t discriminate against disability, aiming to provide you with a convenient alternative access method to your place of work.

By making each of our wheelchair platform lifts easy to operate, we ensure that no matter what disability, you have the access to your place of work or public attractions. Our wheelchair lifts accommodate for a wide variety of wheelchair sizes and types, allowing for easy manoeuvrability.

At Mylyft, our wheelchair platform lifts can be operated by a wheelchair user (seated operation) or by someone standing – we have worked alongside people with all types of disabilities to ensure our wheelchair lifts meet the needs and requirements of everyone.

We design wheelchair lifts to meet an array of needs with regards to size and colour. You may want to consider whether you are looking for a manual or powered lift, we are able to adapt these to your specifications so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss these further!

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